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I recently returned from a trip abroad and was struck by all of the amazing photos and videos we captured during our time.

It was not lost on me that the outside observer would immediately get drawn into the vacation “highlight reel” we presented, unaware of the setbacks and delays we encountered along the way.

Here’s a reminder that as the song goes, “Every rose has its thorn” and the journey of life, similar to that vacation journey, will have setbacks, delays, and cancellations.

We must remember to focus on what we can control and not allow anger, frustration, fear, or sadness to completely derail our goals and vision.

Sure we had one night “roughing it” in the airport but we focused on the time, space, and opportunities we could control and made the most of a less than ideal situation.

Obstacles, setbacks, detours etc. are inevitable. It’s how you react to those events and overcome them that determine how well you move forward through the circumstances.

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