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Mavic 3 Classic, Guilty.

took the plunge and grabbed the new Mavic 3 Classic.

I've been wanting a Mavic for a while but just couldn't commit at the higher price points for the Enterprise or Cine. I enjoy both the Mini 2 and Mini 3 Pro but I also feel that it takes crossing over into the world of Mavic size drones and above before one is considered a "professional."

Now the Mini3 Pro is awesome for social media content creation, photos, and videos but the Mavic is just muah!

I have zero regrets but I like to shrug and tell everyone that "it was a gift" LOL.

I'll call this my guilty pleasure.

Curious to know how everyone feels about the range of drones currently available, capability and price points, and if anyone has ever been "looked down upon" for showing up to a job with a "mini"????

Mavic 3 Classic


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