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Finding Flow Through Flight

Feeling our best and performing our best.

As military Veterans and humans we seek this out every day. I often tell people that the meaning of happiness is getting to that next Flow state. Everything that we do, we do in an effort to make time to do the thing that will result in that feeling. Just as happiness is fleeting, so is Flow and we must find a way, rather, design a way to find Flow reliably and repeatably.

Enter flight and UA operations.

Selflessness, Timelessness, Effortlessness, and Richness are all described as components of a Flow State. Interestingly, UA piloting or drones have become a fun way to illicit selflessness, timelessness, and richness of experience (not so much effortlessness, but that's part of the fun). Add in pretty cool views and immersion and exploring in nature and you have a precent decent recipe for stress reduction and self-care.

I have been playing in the drone pilot world for almost a year now and for me it has become an essential tool in my personal self-care routine. I've had ups and downs, no pun intended, but along the way I've met new people, visited a ton of new places, and challenged my manual dexterity and mental acuity in ways that will keep my brain sharp and on top of my game for years to come.

I'm curios to hear from other drone operators and how piloting has impacted your life.

We will continue to explore this topic and many others related to UA / drone operations we build out our Veterans with Drones community. Follow our page on IG @The_Escape_Velocity_Coach and tag us in drone photos so we can follow and share.

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