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Escape Velocity Academy

"It's not about your present position, it's all about trajectory"

As a certified life coach, I help people recognize, believe, and actualize their potential.  Through cooperative, collaborative exploration of mindset and motivation we will identify the best ways to accomplish your goals and achieve your "impossible."

Cascade Falls

At Escape Velocity Academy we work with male military veterans to address the challenges and uncertainty faced after separating from service.  

Through our mental fitness coaching program, we help you to identify, recognize, believe, and actualize who you currently are and who you desire to become.

We discuss autonomy, competence, and relatedness, the three pillars for authentic happiness and how military transition rocks these pillars creating overwhelm, stress, and uncertainty.  

At Escape Velocity Academy we believe that purpose is
potential, but impact is reality. 
We work together to create a purpose driven personal development plan derived from clear and actionable goals that provide a clear sense of what comes next and where to go for resources and support. 

Peace of mind delivering a happier, healthier, purpose driven, more meaningful life.

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Inspiration / Intrinsic Motivation / Interpersonal Relationships / Investment / Intelligence

Intrinsic motivation - motivated by naturally enjoyable and interesting activities. We do it for the joy it brings.

Intelligence - Embrace the beginner's mindset and commitment to lifelong learning. 

Interpersonal relationships - "You cannot control people; you can only control their proximity to you" - we are the circle we keep.

Invest - Invest in yourself so you have the capacity to invest in others. We cannot pour from an empty cup.

Inspiration - breathwork and learning how to leverage the space between stimulus and response to reduce stress and make better decisions. 

The growth process is not about your current position, it is all about trajectory.

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