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Escape Velocity Academy

"It's not about your present position, it's all about trajectory"

Escape Velocity’s mission is to put young adults on the fast track to high demand career opportunities in science and technology. Our mentoring and education program is designed to use recreational drone flight and competitive gameplay as an introduction to robotics, aviation, aerospace, project management, and the commercial drone industry.

At Escape Velocity Academy we work with middle school and high school students, introducing them to endless possibilities through the world of unmanned aviation. 

Through our drone outreach program, we help them to identify, recognize, believe, and actualize who they currently are and who they desire to become. We give them access to tools and activities that are often financially beyond their means.

We leverage aerial drones and competitive gameplay to introduce the concepts of aerospace and aviation, coding and programming, drones as first responders, photography and aerial photography, program management, maintenance and repair etc. 


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Intrinsic Motivation / Interpersonal Relationships / Investment / Intelligence

Intrinsic motivation - motivated by naturally enjoyable and interesting activities. We do it for the joy it brings.

Intelligence - Embrace the beginner's mindset and commitment to lifelong learning. 

*Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Repeat*

Interpersonal relationships - "You cannot control people; you can only control their proximity to you" - we are the circle we keep.

Invest - Invest in yourself so you have the capacity to invest in others.

The growth process is not about your current position, it is all about trajectory.

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